Now into day 2

Team DSRA is currently in 5th place of the 8 man teams.  We are 560 miles in of the 3000 total so doing quite well.  It’s been super hot crossing the Arizona desert.  The team have been cycling through 45 degree C dry, dry heat.  It does make cycling somewhat more difficult than a quick jaunt around the Blackdown Hills.  My little team have just arrived into Flagstaff and are now preparing to drive out to Kayenta for an overnight 44.7 ride to Mexican Hat over the border in Utah.

Hopefully once we are out of Arizona thinks will at least cool down a little.

One thought on “Now into day 2

  1. We are spending hours following your progress, not much else is going to happen here this week!!
    All sounds to be going well with the team. The Tractalis site has partially crashed at the moment so we are not getting updates of the teams progress. Hope you’re enjoying the amazing scenery.


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